About Us

Regence Home provides a wide variety of quality products using state of the art machinery and techniques. Our talented and highly skilled Research and Development teams coordinate with our Design and Production Departments to provide unique and innovative trend setting merchandise.

Our Story

Since 1978 our passion has been to create truly hand crafted, organic, natural earth friendly home décor products. Our deep respect and commitment for the environment, our people and communities has led us to pioneer environmentally friendly processes in the manufacturing of our products.

Today’s consumer is more conscious of thoughtful suppliers and products and are underserved with the product choices they have. Our forty years of experience with environmentally friendly responsible manufacturing, commitment to the social well being of our people and communities provide us with the opportunity to offer consumers unique products made with our unique and unparalleled craftsmanship.


High-end, high-quality home textiles products are crafted into the rich history of our company. The family-owned business began with the first generation of the Singla family selling cotton fabrics from their own shop in India’s historic city of Panipat. Gradually, the second generation entered into the trading of wool yarn and then selling handwoven wool blankets in the domestic Indian market.

Since 1978, Regence Home Furnishings, has been creating exceptional textiles for the world. In 1984, third generation of the Singla family members ventured into the exports of handcrafted products & earned the Gold Medal award from Handloom Export Promotion Council. Over a period of time, the company expanded its products range into floor coverings, Bathmats, Throws & other textile products. Today, a right mix of traditional & modern products makes Regence Home a unique manufacturer with a global presence.


We are proud of being environmentally conscious throughout our history and strive to be a pioneer in utilizing low impact, planet-friendly processes. As a result, Regence Home has established itself as an environmentally conscious company in every aspect of its operations. This is evident through the industry awards and Merits, which we have earned. However, we continue to strive for new and innovative ways to remain environmentally responsible.

Our Facility has been certified with the prestigious title by Oekotex: “Made in Green.” Regence Home is a leader in researching and producing fine quality Home Textile products made using Natural and Organic Fibers and Eco-Friendly dyestuffs.

Brand Pillars

1. Style & Value:

Regence Home prides itself in creating affordable, iconic, and stylish rugs for everyone. Our design teams use modern machinery mingled with traditional artisan techniques to create innovative, trendsetting textiles using ethical manufacturing processes and eco-friendly materials. Our mission is to design the textiles and rugs with unparalleled craftsmanship to enhance the living spaces in all homes.

2. Sustainability:

Environmental consciousness is found in every aspect of Regence Home’s operations. Evident through our earned awards and merits, we are proud pioneers of utilizing low impact, eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing and design processes.

We are constantly searching and spearheading ways to remain as ecological and environmentally-safe as possible. Certified with the prestigious MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label, you can ensure that our products are manufactured under sustainable working conditions and every product is created with natural, organic fibers and eco-friendly dyes.

3. Design and Quality:

Modern, classic, bohemian, and everything in between – you’ll be excited by Regence Home’s assortment of refreshing styles and trends. Our core design architecture consists of creating eye-catching and adventurous collections inspired by the global landscape – while always keeping in mind a responsible and ethical manufacturing process for thoughtful, sustainable, and biodegradable design.

 We infuse cultural inspiration from worldwide, positioning every piece to become an anchor sure to transform your unique space. Roll out plush, ultra-soft rugs that boast eco-friendly cotton yarns made from recycled materials. Enhance well-loved areas with durable polyester that feels like luxury cotton.

Discover an appreciation for authentic hand-woven kilims made from rich quality wool yarn. Adopted by discerning users and interior designers, Regence Home provides beautiful, accessible, and sustainable high-quality rugs that add a pleasant character to your home decor.

4. Ethical Manufacturing:

Certified with the prestigious MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label, our products are manufactured under sustainable working conditions and create products with natural, organic fibers and eco-friendly dyes.

5. Comfort: 

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